Friday, May 19, 2006

A Woman's Anger Destroys her home

A woman's anger destroys her home.
I grew up in a very violent home. My Father ( May Hashem bless him) was a man who was tormented by anger. As I grew up and have children of my own I find out that the same anger seems to torment me and haunt me on a daily basis. Although it is not near my father's anger but it is enough to cause damage. I never new how deep my anger was until other day I saw my son in a fit of rage. I saw him literally throw a terrible tantrum and soon saw myself. For, I have noone to blame but myself. Children learn what they see. I wondered is that what he sees? After a heartfelt talk with my son I knew.I knew how much I need to work on shalom bayit in my home.I knew I needed to overcome this anger if I wanted them to truly have shalom bayit of their own.I read a few excerpts from this book:This book has made such a life changing impression on me I know Hashem has used Rabbi Lazer Brody to help millions heal.He has a new book Trail to tranquility.I pray that anyone who does not have shalom bayit in their home read this and begin the true journey of the trail to tranquility. The true journey to Shalom Bayit.All I can offer to Rabbi Brody is Thanks for allowing Hashem to use you in such a manner to help other's.Toda

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