Friday, July 21, 2006

There's no place like home (

He is one of the Lucky ones who made it back home B'H'. If I could click my heels 3 times I would end up in Eretz Israel right now.I have been reading a lot on what is happening in Israel and it is breaking my heart that the answer to this is right in front of our faces adn we can't see past our own noses.
We ask ourselves what should we do?
How can we help?
Give more Tzedakah?
Send supplies?
Although be it that is good and wonderful but, that is not the only thing needed for our Motherland.
It is far deeper than that. Let me tell you alittle story.
When my daughter (who is now 19) was about 7 years old. Sha came to me asked me " Mama, can I have an allowance?"
To her disappointment I said, " I am not going to pay you for the things you should automatically do. For things that are expected of you. But, I will pay you for the extra cause then it is a reward not an allowance."
Straight away she went on to do extra work.
To give charity is wonderful but, it is what is expected of a Jew. The real sacrifices come with the tehillim and the teshuva....yes, I said Teshuva..I'm sorry I meant TESHUVA!!!
The war is not just about the physical war. We are all at war with the enemy. Not just the darkness that surrounds us and our Motherland. The darkness that is within us.
We need to do teshuva to guarantee our victory. It is easy to open our checkbooks but, it is harder to vow and do something that will not only help out brother's and sister but will empower them. If we all perform a form of teshuva Hashem will reward us with victory.
Pray, return, fight the enemy and we are assured victory.

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