Monday, August 7, 2006

Tisha B'Av

My son has just had surgery. You may recognize him from Rabbi Lazer Brody's blog as Israel's newest secret weapon.
Baruch Hashem he is doing well after his appendix ruptured. He underwent Surgery and is healing quite well.
Well, this past Tisha B'av I sat down with Rachamim and explain to him about the destruction of the temple. He sat and wailed. If only we could learn this lesson from him and wail also. He said, "Ima, we are lost...we have no temple." He realized the necessity of being kind to other Jews to help bring Moshiach and promised to never hurt his little brother Yitzy again. One mitzvot leads to two. They all lead back to teshuva. We need to learn from these little tzaddikim the simplicity of returning. That is how we save Israel. That is how we are able to bring in Moshiach. If my dear son who is only 7 can grasp it. Why don't we who are supposed to be older and wiser grasp the concept? May Hashem have mercy on us and may we return in true repentance.

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