Thursday, July 5, 2007

Basic Child Training

Basic Child Training

Basic child training only involves doing a few simple things:

1.Don't let your children run wild. Keep them with you throughout the day, and show them that they are a useful part of the family. Teach them, and talk to them as you go through the day. Tighten those apron strings, and while you're at it, tie a few more.
2.Limit their TV time to a half hour or less per day. I'd suggest maybe a half hour per week, but you’ll have to see what works in your household. Use videos. Regular TV may occasionally have good children's shows, but the commercials may be a different story. Furthermore, watching TV is passive entertainment, which makes for a lazy brain. Teach your children to entertain themselves without the media. Such as reading books, doing jigsaw puzzles, building inventions, etc.
3.Be consistent. Expect your child to obey you - the first time. Give no warnings; it can kill your credibility with your precious little one. The child complies the first time you say, or follow up with immediate negative reinforcement. Please note that you should NEVER punish in anger. If you are getting angry, then patiently and in a calm voice, send your child to their room, then go outside and get some fresh air, and pray. Drink a cup of tea, read some tehillim, then decide what needs to be done to remedy the situation.

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