Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Honorable Son

My dear son has been going through a few things lately. He has been struggling with video games. But to my surprise he came to me this morning and decided that he did not want to play video games anymore. He normally helps out here in the complex by earning a couple of dollars fro picking up trash. Well he got his trash bag ready and headed out. He said I want to work I don't want to play games anymore. If I decide I want to buy some gifts I cannot do that if I am playing games. He also told me that playing the games dishonors his parents because he knows in his heart that we do not want him to play video games.
WOW where did that come from. I would so much like to take the credit for that but he truly is an honorable son. He came to it all on his own and I am so proud of him. He begins his classes tonight with the Rabbi and can I tell you there is a change in him. He says mama it almost time for me to become a man. I sit here with tears in my eyes and cannot believe that this little boy who a few weeks ago has literally changed overnight. He is becoming a man and so desires in his heart to be a tzaddik. This lesson was not about him learning something but about me learning something. If my son who is so young is already learning his boundaries so must I learn mine.

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