Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Shabbat Queen applying it daily

I must say I was looking over this past Shabbat (Sabbath) and it came to mind that Shabbat is always reffered to as the Queen. We woman are also reffered to as a Queen. How is the Sabbath similar to the woman? We work all week and when Erev Shabbat comes we begin the preparation. We cook and clean and prepare and do everything to make us look beautiful. We calm down and rest and learn and also love. We focus on Hashem and also our families. We visit people in our community and also pray constantly.Then we enter into a rest. 24 hours and the world stops for us as we come close to Hashem.

It dawned upon that we should always apply the things we do on shabbat on a daily basis. The things we do in preperation for Shabbat we should do daily. The things we do on Shabbat we should do daily.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to add more on your list ladies. I am speaking of the spiritual aspect.

Everything we do in preparation for Shabbat is a spiritual thing. We Pray we sing we laugh we learn we love. There is a calmness about Shabbat that we need to bring into the rest of the week.

Our families seek that rest in us during the week. But, because of life's obstacles we tend to lose our way.

So how do we bring Shabbat into our daily lives.

We need to make our home's a safe havena nd a place of rest for our families. We need to make sure that when they come home there is nowhere else that they want to be. The calmness nad serenity of the home is a must./ We should take time witht he children to treach them and set the example for them.

Daven Daily...Learn daily...keep negative influences from our

It is not easy we all struggle but... when it comes to our home's and our families after Hashem that needs to be our priority. We can become the women of Valor. The Eishet Chayil.

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