Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sitting at their feet

Growing up in a family in the country where few other Hispanics lived was quite hard for me. Yet the beauty of it was when my Grandfather and Father played their guitars I felt like I traveled hundreds of miles to another place. It has been many years since my grandfather passed away but sometimes I hear a song and I think of them. It is such a joy to remember them playing the guitar while my grandmother is in the kitchen cooking up a feast that everyone's mouth just water's when they smell it. As a child I sat and soaked it in. In today's day and age I had the opportunity for my children to have that even if it was just one time in their life. My father picked up the guitar and we all sat there and listened and enjoyed and I was once again thrown back to my child hood. What a beautiful Heritage I have.
I can never be more proud than I am today. I am a Proud Jewish Hispanic Mother. And I have a culture of beauty and pray that I will bring honor to the old ways and train my children in them.

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