Thursday, December 6, 2007

Binding to the Tzaddik

In Reading that I have been doing I have always heard people about binding themselves to a Tzaddik. I usually would in my mind argue the idea. But as I have been learning more and more how true this saying is. We all need guidance of some sort. Even the greatest people to have walked needed guidance. As i learn more I accept the fact that only those who think they know everything do not neeed anything. And even the strangest peopple or people who you would not expect can guide you.
I heard a story about a Rebbe who went to Yerushalayim and he came to a place where chidlren were playing. He asked them which way could he get in. The child told him there are 2 ways. The short and the long way and the long and the short way. The Rebbe thought to himself what does that mean? ANd went on his way. He decided to take the short and long way. When he got there he realized that he could not pass because there were thorns and thistles in the way. He went back and asked the child what do you mean the long and short way and short and long way? I could not get in. The child said, "I did not lie. There are 2 way. The short and long way is that to get to your destination was quick but you could not enter. The way long and short way is a longer distance to travel but you can enter.
I have been on my road for almost 10 years of returning and everytime that I am almost there an obstacle comes in my way. I realized that I want to take the short and long way. But Hashem Blessed be He wants me to take the long and short way. It may be 10 more years until I finally get to my destination but the beauty is is that in the end I will get in.
Where do the Tzadik's come in? These are the mile markers on the road that lead us in the right direction. These are the ones who are showing us the way to get there. Although the road may be long if it wasn't for mile markers we would not know how far it is for the destination.

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