Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Mile Marker By: Leah

There once was a young sick man that had a wounded heart. He had a dream about a great Tzaddik living in a town far away who was a great healer. When he woke up he realized that he must follow his dream and head to the town .
He had decided to leave his family and friends and everything familiar to him to go on this journey that would bring him to a great Tzaddik . His Mother was ready to say goodbye when she said one final thing to him. "My Son please remember stay on the road. Never leave the road because on the road you will see mile markers and that will tell you if you are going in the right direction and how far you have to go.
When he first began his journey he was excited to know that he was finally going to be healed of his ailment. He trudge for miles in pain to get to the town where the Tzaddik was. When he first left it was bright and shiny and warm. But as soon as he left the comfort and familiar town he noticed that the sun was setting and it was dark and cold.
He finally saw a mile marker but the amount of miles that were written on it were worn from time.
It was getting darker and darker so he decided to stop for the night.
He was not prepared for this so he began to pray." Abba I have listened to my dream and here I am in the dark and cold and far from my home and far from where I am going. But the trip is long and hard. I need strength to keep going"
In the darkness his heart filled with fear. He could hear noises all around him. He decided to make a fire. When there was enough light around him he realized that the noise came from he saw a field mouse rustling for food.
He fell asleep and dreamed of a Mother walking with a child. The child tripped and fell down and was crying. The young man went to pick up the child and the mother said "No... do not pick up the child. How will he reach for me if I pick him up right from the beginning.?"
He awoke and began his journey again. The road began to get more run down and worn out. He had been walking for hours and finally he came upon another marker. Once again he knew he was in the right direction but the miles were also worn off of this marker.
He decided to take a rest and eat . He saw some dark clouds in the distance. It looked like a thunderstorm was approaching. There was nowhere on the road to take cover from it. Off the road he saw another road that was shiny and bright. but there were no mile markers.
He remembered the words of his mother. Do not go off of the road. There he sat and the thunder and rain poured down over him. Once again he cried. "Abba, I have listened to my dream and I still do not see the town anywhere in site."
This went on for days. He traveled and walked for hundreds of miles only seeing markers and not seeing the town.
At one point he was almost attacked by wild dogs. He ran out of food. Everything terrible that could happen did happen. Finally he came to a little town he asked and pleaded for help but no one would help him. When finally a kind person came to him. He said "You look hungry boy...come to my home and I will feed you and you can rest. By this point the young man had completely forgot why he had even headed out on the journey for.
He slept for days. When he awoke he saw the man sitting by the fire learning. He asked are you the Rabbi to the town? He said no. Well thank you for helping me but I must be back on my journey. I had a dream that a great Tzaddik would be able to heal my of my ailment. I have been very sick and I have been on a long journey. I need to get back on the road and follow the markers. It will lead me to the great Tzaddik.
At that point the man looked at him. There are no more mile markers. You have reached the end of the road.
The young man asked, Well where is the great Tzaddik do you not have one in your town. The kind man looked at him. Did you follow the mile markers? The young man replied yes I did. But what does that have to do with the great Tzaddik? He isn't even here who will heal my heart? The kind man said he is here. The young man looked puzzled. Where? You said he wasn't here.
The kind man said, "well he wasn't here until you got here. You see the journey you took to get here is a journey that many try but never accomplish. Only those who walk this path and do not leave the road make it here. But many leave the road and get lost out there in the world of despair.But you stayed even when you didn't even remember why you were here. Your heart is fine. Had you had a bad heart you would have never made it. So you see you have become the great Tzaddik that you were searching for. The mile markers were all the Great Rabbi's that looked over you reminding you to stay on the road. The Road is the Torah which you have to follow to become a Great Tzaddik.

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