Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have been Sewing

I have forgotten my lost art of sewing and after today debating wether I like still doing it. Well I can honestly say it is always great therapy. I have made new patterns today for myself and my youngest daughter. Can I tell you I missed it so much. The last time I sewed was almost a year ago. I moved in my new house and saw my sewing machine collecting dust. Lo and behold today I had the fever. I must have cut out 6 outfits and also fudged a pattern for my youngest. I made her an outfit and had such a blast sharing with her. She chose her fabric and also her little
iron-ons :) I will be posting her outfit in a couple of days and let me know what ya think. Shalom Leah.


Ahavah-Shim'eon said...

I agree sewing is very, very theroputic.... I am just in the process of designing a challah bread cover and that too is a wonderful peaceful activity..

I am looking forward to seeing your work..

have you found:

Sara Rivka is new to blogging - but her site is awesome for brilliant creative ideas... I do believe you will enjoy it very much.

Mirabai Mary Lockett said...

I miss sewing. I have a machine that needs some work done on the bobbin case. I have patterns saved up and material too...and some mending. I hope that I'll soon get back to that simple satisfaction that sewing allows.

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