Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gentle Boys into Gentlemen

Gentle Boys into Gentlemen

Children learn what they live, what they are taught, what they are exposed to, what they feel.
At what point in time do we not take responsibity for our children's actions. In my journey of dating and in my journey of marriage I have come to a conclusion that men have turned out the way they do, not because of the excuse at the fact they are just that way. It had to begin somewhere. Maybe they saw their father beat their mother. Or maybe their father was always out at the bar every night instead of home teaching him by example how to love his wife and children. Maybe he was a couch potatoe when mom was out working providing for the family. Maybe he was a drug addict and began at a young age. Although be it there are no true excuses for we can overcome and not be the subject to our envoroments.
My son, G-d bless him for he is such an inspiration to me to teach him. He so desperatly wants to be a gentle man. He talks of the day he will be married and provide for his wife and treat her as a queen. He opens the door for me and says "after you".He kisses my hand when he hasn't seen me all day. He takes off my shoes after I have worked a 12 hour shift. When I cry because I had a hard day which is a lot of the time he comforts me. He holds my hand and tells me, "Mama it will be ok just another day."
Aahh the wisdom of a child. Just another day. Another day to teach him how precious a woman of worth is. How precious, fargile, and delicate a woman is. How soft and gentle a touch can be to comfort in the hard times.
May he grow up to be like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. A true man of valor and strength and honor. May he be an inspiration to all men for in a child is a pure love that can comfort even the hardest of hearts. In that small beating heart of his he has the love of a real man, yet , he is a child. He will not be afraid to tell me he loves me or cry in my presence or show his love by a dead daffodill that he picked for me. He will not judge me when I make a mistake, he will tell me its ok we can try again. If only men would learn from the boy who knows better before he is influenced by society as to what a man is.
Thank You baby Rey and little Yitzy for being the true men in my life. You inspire me to be better, to achieve success. Not material success but the success of knowing I did my job well and one day when they are older and married their wife will come to me and say "Thank You" you did a good job mama.
But it is yet a long way away til then my job is to teach them how to love the way I would want to be loved. To care the way I want to be cared for.

This is dedicated to the people I love dearly:
Philly for always hearing my pain.
Tily for always giving me pain.
And my children for always feeling my pain.

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