Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sunshine Smile

Sunshine SmileJune 10th, 1987 6lbs. 9 ozA beautiful baby girl.They said that baies don't smile but you did. You looked in face and smiled.I was a young Mama and didn't always get things right. But I tried.6 months old splashing in the bath tub. What a cute little baby. You always smiled.I was a young Mama and didn't always get things right. But I tried.It all happened so fast. Next thing you know you were walking and talking at 8 months old. Your first word was "MONEY" not Mami. The only 8 month old that sat through time out in the corner when you were naughty. As if you could really be naughty. Then we went trough the toddler age. Yes baby you are the little mermaid. No one does a better Ariel than you. And no one was a better Belle on halloween. Every day you lightened my day with that sunshine smile. I bragged all day long. Noone has a smile like yours. Noone is as beautiful as my Nati.Time travels fast again. With your little braids, big glasses, and country dress. I don't think that you wore shoes for 3 years when we were in Maryland. Did I even bother to buy you a pair. Oh yeah Mary Jane's like Mama. I miss the old produce stand when you went to work with me. Hey want another cup of cocoa as we sit and fill the wood stove on a cold snowy night?Time passes again and your a young lady in a awkward stage. No baby you weren't awkward. Noone could see the beauty that Mama sees. I knew you were going to grow up to be beautiful.Time Passes. Many bad decisions on my part. Sorry baby girl...sorry.Your all grown up. You need to start life. I know but it hurts. People never get it. They don't understand. You told me Mama you weird most parents try to get rid of their kids. No honey. You leaving is a peice of my heart gone. It doesn't beat the same. It beats one time less cause it isn't complete without you here. But I know baby. You have to grow up and start your life.Time passes and you will be succesful in all you do. You will always light a room when you wallk in. You will always light up my room. You know why?Cause you have a sunshine smile.But until you come home again it feels like rain.Love you Nati!!!Miss You Mucho!!!Think of me on Shabbat I will light a candle for you.May G-d make you like Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel and LeahMay G-d Bless you and watch over youMay G-d shine his face toward you and show you favorMay G-d be favorably disposed toward youand may He grant you peace.

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