Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Storm is Coming

I took this picture yesterday because of the awe I had of the sky. I have been one who loves thunderstorms. As beautiful as they are is as dangerous they can be. I thought to myself how can I adapt this to myself.
I sat outside and was thinking to myself the lack of control a woman can have. How we, whether it is hormonal or just plain cranky we are so much like a storm. We can be beautiful but yet, dangerous.
A Storm gives warning that it is coming. So do our bodies when we begin to get angry. You see the sky darken (the countenance fall) you see it moving slowly( The anger stirring up inside) and then next thing you know it is on top of you lightening and rain and wind( ugh)
I love thunderstorms because they remind me to not...I repeat to not lose my self control.
Please woman please be careful and do not submit to the anger. It truly does destroy our homes. I speak of regret for the many people that I may have damaged and myself because of that storm that came and went by quickly and could possibly have damaged some things on the way.
Don't just be the calm before the storm. Stay calm through the storm.

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