Monday, August 6, 2007

The True Woman of Valor

This is my grandmother. Words cannot describe her or her character except that she is truly a Woman of Valor. Her age is unsure. She is either 91 or 97. There were no birth certificates given in those days back in Puerto Rico. If I dared to tell you her story I would be here for days. But she truly is the most beautiful woman in the world to me.
I remember as a child when the weekend came it was time to go see my grandmother. I call her Gwela short for Abuelita.(Grandmother)
She worked and tended to her home and her family. Nothing was more important to her than that. She had mastered all of the domestic arts. She was a cook that left not just your stomach satisfied but also lift your spirit.
Dinner was made and there was enough food for an army. She always said it is better to have too much food than too little.
She crochet blankets to sell to help her husband.
Her home was always neat and clean (you could literally eat off of her floor)
She was asked what is the key to her vitality and she said keep working. Tend to your home and keep your garden.
But, the most important thing was to make sure I received the blessing before I left. It is our custom to receive a blessing from the wise so that your life will be blessed.
I will not tell you what the blessing is but just know that after she blessed me I sensed a strength and comfort that came from above.
I truly believed that Hashem heard her and I will be well for the rest of my life.
This is dedicated to my Gwela

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