Monday, September 3, 2007

Cleaning House

I have been contemplating spring cleaning. But for some odd reason I always end up doing it in the fall. It is not until you get in the mood and really start breaking through all the mess is when you think to yourself at what point did I lose control over my home.
It truly was a relief when I finished the children's bedroom and realized that after 6 hours or organizing and cleaning the room looks and feels the way a child's room should.
Next thing you know I was getting their clothes out and preparing for the next day. That is a first for me.
I am not a morning person but I am a night person and I realized that instead of stressing myself out about getting up earlier I should jsut be wiser with me time at night. so tonight I cleaned prepped clothes and even did some learning lol.
Wow am I tired
But it is in this baby step that I realized that I am gaining control of my home and not letting go this time.
Grrr matey I am going to run a tight ship.
Have a peaceful night


Mama Kim said...

This is something that I have hopes of doing this fall ... same here, I never manage to do spring cleaning in the spring, lol! With me, it will be easier to do the cleaning with only one child at home, but I'm not sure how it will work out, as doing normal activities with a special needs child to care for, makes those activities a little more challenging.

But, around this time of year, I start making my lists of what I want to accomplish, thinking with a school schedule and blocks of some 'quiet time' (with a 2.5yo in the house), I might get something done. And sometimes I do! But it rarely woks out as simply and neatly as I plan it in my head, lol!

Still reading your blog, just not much time to e-mail or blog myself ;)

Philly Farmgirl said...

Y'know, you touched on a very important point. Whether or not you are a 'morning person' or a 'night person' it is the use of your time that is the ikar (main point). I needed to hear that because I am NOT a night person, but I can use the evening hours, where I am not at my peak to do some light work or prep for the next day. It will better help me to work more efficiently in the morning.

One's belief in God must come through faith and not because of miracles. "Rebbe Nachman of Breslov"