Thursday, November 1, 2007

I want my Rights!!!

We live in a society where everyone is screaming for their rights. America is the Land of Freedom. But I was at a class and my Rabbi was speaking about something that literally blew my mind.
He sat at the table and said there are no such things as woman's rights....there is no such thing as equal rights...there is no such thing as animal rights.
I thought to myself WHAT?? NO RIGHTS? You mean to tell me that I do not have any rights? Are you serious?
I was beginning to get a little upset because I am one who believes in all these things. I am the one who wants to fight for the underdog and save the world. I am the one who wants to be treated the same as everyone else.
I have no rights?
He continued to speak and stated there are no rights....only obligation.
We are obligated to treat each other equally..we are obligated to treat woman with respect and dignity...we are obligated to treat them animals with compassion.
If this world ran on it's obligations there would not be this search for a falsehood of freedom.
Rights and freedom are a man made concept to walk away from real responsibility and obligation to each other and everything around us. That is my opinion.
Define freedom in your own mind. Define Rights...when you really think about it there really is no such thing. When you think about the cruelties of man kind to each other and animals these are people who walk away from their obligations and the victims demand rights. When they should have just been treated well (by obligation) in the first place.
Torah teaches us that we should treat other people the same way we should treat ourselves.
That is our Obligation ... so I will tell you as the Rabbi told me you have no rights... only obligation

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