Sunday, October 7, 2007

Simcha Torah

Can I tell you this is truly my favorite holiday.
I sit in the shul watching the men holding the torah and singing and dancing but this year was a little difference. Every year I go to shul without my beloved and the joy was seeing him there with all the other men just dancing with his son's and singing. Lifting them up onto his shoulders and dancing. My Son was in his glory smiling from ear to ear with his abba.
The men dressed up and dancing and holding the torah and holding onto it with such pride and delight...there truly is nothing in the world more beautiful than that. I do not know these men personally but the delight in their faces and the pride, it blows your mind. I could not see my husband but a tzaddik. I could not see my sons just little tzaddikim.
I didnt see men jumping like crazy I saw righteous men. I dont know them and maybe will really never get to know them who they are what they do how they treat people. But I saw their Neshama's that night. I saw men who loved to dance before Hashem and show off the torah as the treasure that it is. For the whole world to see.

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