Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time Out

Funny thing happened this weekend . My beloved and I talked about time out. Time out for ourselves to clear our heads and also to regain our focus. But after talking with him Hashem truly touched my heart.
Many married people look for extra curricular activities and really when we look at them those time out moments they really are an escape. An escape from our lives.
Now don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with doing things outside of the home but we need to really check our hearts and ask ourselves why do we need this?
I had to ask my beloved and explain to him. I don't want time out. I am married and there really is no such thing as time out except when we are to do Hitbodedut.
That is not time out that is time with Hashem. That truly should be the only thing that takes us away from our beloved.
I have realized over the years when I needed time out I really needed time away and an escape.
I am married... I have children. I don't need time out... I need time in. Time in with Abba Blesses be He.

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