Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sukkot in a Nutshell

For forty years, as our ancestors traversed the Sinai Desert prior to their entry into the Holy Land, miraculous "clouds of glory" surrounded and hovered over them, shielding them from the dangers and discomforts of the desert. Ever since, we remember G-d's kindness and reaffirm our trust in His providence by dwelling in a sukkah--a hut of temporary construction with a roof covering of branches--for the duration of the Sukkot festival (Tishrei 15-21). For seven days and nights, we eat all our meals in the sukkah and otherwise regard it as our home.

Taken from Chabad.org

The dangers and discomfort of the desert...Truly this is a time when I reflect and think about those things. I pray...pray and pray some more. Sometimes I feel as though I cannot pray enough for I so beg Hashem to protect me from the discomforts of the desert. What is a desert like? It is place that only a special kind of being can survive in. If it were not for Hashem we could not have survived the desert. It truly shows that if not for Hashem we cannot survive anything.
It was just a thought...

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Tikkunknitter said...

Even after the challenges and work of Yom Kippur, we have the experience of Sukkot to contend with. Modern Jewish life is often a desert, but our families, traditions, and community make the journey endurable. Why not use the holiday to explore the abundance for which we are thankful as well as the dangers of privation. There was/is manna in this desert.
Chag sameach!

One's belief in God must come through faith and not because of miracles. "Rebbe Nachman of Breslov"