Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well things haven't been great lately and even though this is a time to reflect going into the high holy days it is very difficult. Although I do not write a lot about myself and personal life I can only think to vent out. I lost my job and now I am in the process of being forced out of my apartment. Unfortunately that came with the job. I try to look at this as a test. Why? Because that is exactly what it is. A test. The test is not only about pass or fail but also about endurance. I always hear that ridiculous lie that Hashem does not give you more than you can handle. But, that is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my life. Of course he gives us more than we can handle because what would be the point if we got through it with out Him....He has to give us more because it is at that point that we call upon the mercy of Hashem to open our eyes to the things we have done wrong and make it right. Atonement for my sins? Maybe. But that is ok because I know that even though it seems that all is lost I have the joy of knowing that I am not alone. Hashem is with me and blessed me with a family that stands by my side even if we end up living in a cardboard box. So do I want pity? No save it for someone who really needs it. I need support of family and friends that I am so blessed to have that stands by me in the worst of it all. You know who you are that walk with me and have walked with me for years. I don't want this to be a poor Leah and her family. Say tehillim because you know that Hashem can work a miracle and in the end of it all no one can say it as because of their hands but because of the tehillim that went to the feet of Hashem and He heard them. Well, thanks for listening. Shalom, Leah

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Rachel said...

What an amazing attitude you have! May Hashem bless you with a comfortable house immediately, one in which you will have tranquility & peace of mind and where you can continue to build a home full of Torah with your family.

One's belief in God must come through faith and not because of miracles. "Rebbe Nachman of Breslov"