Monday, August 28, 2006

We are at War!!!

This past Shabbat has been a very enlightening one. Why?Well I have come to a conclusion( There I go again with conclusions Yaakov) that things tend to pile up and up and up.Until we reach a what we would like to call a breaking point. Some may call nervous nreak down, other's anxiety, and other's deep depression.Let me start at the beginning.It has been a long week of fighting the Yetzer all week. Why do this? Why keep fighting to return? Does it really matter anyway? I am not valiant enough. The words haunt me and then there it is AHA!!!!!I understand now. I am valiant enough. When we think of the Army here they do not take the weak. They do not accept people with flat feet, asthma, heart murmurs etc...They take people who are in top shape to train.To train for battle.....WAR!Hashem chooses those who He can train in torah.The battle of the Yetzer...WAR!Not those who have flat feet who cannot stand on the foundation of Torah.He does not accept the asthmatic who hyperventilate and pass out when problems come flying past their head.He also does not take the heart murmurs who unfold under pressureWhen a war starts the soldiers don't always know where they are shooting.Only in the direction they need to shoot.They know the enemy is ahead.... they are preparing to fire....they are ready for the battle that could end their life.Yet, they are there still fighting...taking whatever risk it takes to ensure their existence.We then ask ourselves "What about innocent people?"We need to trust Hashem that he directs every bullet and sometimes people do get hurt. killed, but Hashem directs every bullet.Maybe that person who gets hurt is in need of a wake up call.Maybe they were not as innocent as we may have presumed.There are no innocent in war.There are victims but not necessarily innocence.So Obviously I am soldier material because then Hashem would have never let me enlist in His army. He would have looked aat my background records which he has them all and saw as to wether I have flat feet, ashtma, or a heart murmur or whatever defect He could find.But I am in the army now.I need to fight the battle.I need to stand firm on Torah and follow him until the death.Think about it.Are you in His service?Or are you a civilian?Are you in boot camp?Are you at War?Or are you standing on the sidelines playing the victim?You decide.Just a thought.....

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