Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chayei Sarah

I found it interesting about this weeks Parsha that when Isaac's Mother had passed away is when they sent Eliezer to look for a wife for him. I wonder why was it at that time? Rivka had the same gift as Sara did. The gift of having the Shekinah over her tent and also the fact that her candles went from Shabbat to Shabbat. Plus many more...
Where am I going for with this. Well am I a woman good enough for my son. Does my son deserve a woman like me?
Could it be the opposite. Maybe he deserves a better woman than myself.
I know what type of person I am, my past and present mistakes.
So am I the type of woman at the moment that I would want for my son.
It is at this moment that I cling to Hashem and pray and beg that I would be a better mother and better wife so that my son would look for that in a wife.
Unfortunately at this moment I must say G-d forbid he have a wife as I am. I would want better for him. But Rivka like Sara. She had the fear of Hashem and truly adored Hashem and served Hashem Thank G-d that my son is still too young to even think about marriage.
It gives me a little (not much) time to get myself together and show him of what to look for in a wife and also a mother for his children.

Man I have a lot fo Work .

But the beauty is the awareness to strive and do better and be better not just for my children but for my beloved husband who tolerates so much of me.
Just thought I would share this little insight.

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