Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy Day

Well it is snowing here in Lancaster County and can I tell you it is beautiful. I sit looking out my window and dream of what I am going to be doing this spring. I plan to make my garden. But what I am looking forward to is sitting next to my warn fake fireplace LOL and crochet a few more much need kippas. School for once is going smoothly and can you believe I am not behind this year. That's a first LOL. But all is well in Leah Country. I am planning on getting my gardening supplies early this year. also getting the much needed supplies to build the children their sandbox. Although we are on a very tight budget I am managing to take a few dollars a week and get started on getting the much needed items for the spring. Well have to go my husband is placing more shelves in the school room to help me reorganize it. Shalom Aleichem, Leah

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