Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home & Hashem

Well we are finally here and believe it or not it has been a journey and a half. My husband and I have been looking for a house to buy and on a very tight time limit. We were told September 11th that I was no longer employed with my company and had til November 10th to move. So the looking began. We looked and looked and put bids in and to no avail nothing panned out. I had told my husband I will not go to the city. I dot want to live there I want to be in the country or the outskirts of the city.
Funny, when time is running out you start settling for just about anything. But then we saw this house. It was not in area and my husband and I were like NO WAY!!! I am not raising my children there. My niece was my real estate agent and to humour her we went in and saw it.
To our surprise it was actually the nicest house we had gone to see and 15 thousand cheaper than what we were looking for.
Now that we found the house we had to place the bid. Mind you my brother was the one purchasing the house and he is an investor. So the typical down payment of 8-10% was out of the question. At first they said 10% is fine. Then 2 weeks later they said sorry it was raised to 15 % down payment. We we sad but thought well no problem we can do that. Then they lender calls again and states the underwriter will not do it for 15% we need 35% down.
At this point time is running out. What can I do, Where can I get the money.
All looked hopeless. My brother was discouraged and giving up. He called me and said the deal went bad you have to think of another place to go. I'm sorry.
It was a week before I had to leave my apartment and I had no where to go. I had no money because all of it was tied up for a house. I began to cry out
Abba, let not your little children be left in the street. Let no one say that Hashem allowed his children to be left in the street. This home is your decision and not mine. Let everyone say that the only way Leah received this house was by no other way than a miracle.
3 days before I had to leave I receive a call from my brother. He said Sis are you packed?I said yeah I am ready to go. I don't know where I am going but I am ready. He tells me that he has drawn all the money out the he has and is paying for my house in full and I will need to pay him back.
Toda Abba. Not only did I get the house it was paid in full. That is truly a miracle.
So my brother tells me Hashem loves you because he placed in my in my head everywhere I can pull money out of to buy this house for you.
Can I tell you after all was said and done my brother had exactly what he needed to buy the house. That is Abba making the miracle.
The point is that sometimes Abba waits until the last minute to show you that He is in control of the Universe.
After all was said and done No one could say it was our effort. It truly was Hashem who gave me home and used my dear brother to do.
I truly am blessed and renewed and thanking Hashem for his Miracles.

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Tzivya said...

Hi Tity Linda! It's me Tzivya, but you can tell that by the name. I love how your blog looks, how'd you do that? I'm glad eveything worked out with the house. I really miss the kids. Come look at my blog! *points eagerly at name*

One's belief in God must come through faith and not because of miracles. "Rebbe Nachman of Breslov"